While our clients are patriotic, they aren’t interested in paying more than their fair share in taxes. Effective tax and estate planning is essential to help reduce current and future taxes, increase family wealth, and ensure that assets pass effectively and efficiently from generation to generation.

At Baron Silver Stevens Financial Advisors, tax and estate planning is a detailed process that takes careful planning and consideration. Tax and estate regulations frequently change. Individual circumstances and families also experience change.

We work closely with a clients’ chosen attorney and CPA® to provide advice on the latest techniques for helping to reduce taxes and preserve assets for future generations. Our process includes:



Gaining a full understanding of you and your family’s dynamics, goals, and objectives


Reviewing tax returns to take advantage of tax reduction strategies


Integrate tax considerations in our investment decisions


Reviewing existing estate planning documents and providing a written summary explaining legal documents in simplified terms


Identifying the need for and discussing the implementation of succession plans and exit strategies for business owners


Discussing any charitable intentions


Developing and communicating a written customized estate plan that meets the specific goals and objectives


Working with your chosen attorney or recommending attorneys to implement the customized estate plan. This will often include executing new will and trust agreements, re-titling assets, and executing new beneficiary designations.